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Palm Garden Depot will landscape your property so that it is a pleasure for your friends, family, business associates and most importantly, to you. A well designed landscape not only enhances a community, it also adds to the property’s resale value.

box-img4Design and Construction planning involves much more than planting trees, shrubs, plants and sod. It also requires a lot of organizing, designing, planning and developing of your property for your pleasure. That is why we will initially discuss what you would like to have done to your property, your budget, before we do a thorough design analysis of your landscape.

As a part of the analysis, we will ascertain if we need to make alterations for drainage, than determine the usable areas to make the best use of your land features. Once this is completed and we get the go ahead to begin, we will continue to refine and make any adjustments deemed necessary during the installation process.

After all aspects of the surrounding land have been studied, our landscape architect will begin to formulate a detailed drawing of your new landscape. The property will be divided into sections as indicated in the design analysis. It will also clarify any necessary terrain modifications needed. Once we reach this point in the design process, it is best to make general decisions by not choosing specific materials until all design criteria have been evaluated.

Palm Garden Depot takes pride in the quality of our work which is why the newly designed landscape installation is so important to us.


Sample Design Ideas:

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